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May is Healthy Vision Month

Monday - 10.25.2021

We often discuss how oral health is related to overall health and how our dental and eye care is positively impacting lives all over the nation. But one of our very own care delivery employees experienced how our care not only makes an impact in the communities we serve, but can actually save lives - and not just any life, but her daughter's.

Ordinary Care with
Extraordinary Outcomes

After observing, Optometrist, Dr. Clasen, work with and carefully attend to many patients at the Clanton and Montgomery Sarrell Dental & Eye locations, a DentaQuest care delivery employee, Lisa Bonds, jumped at the opportunity to have him treat her daughter Madison, an 18 year old recent graduate. On January 11, what started out as a seeming normal Saturday turned into something much more concerning in the matter of just a few minutes.

Madison’s exam began as a routine check for new glasses. However, she reported a history of headaches and awakening in the morning with double vision. Dr. Clasen identified an enlarged pupil that was not reactive to light and began asking the right questions concerning her health to try and pinpoint the problem. Through Dr. Clasen's expertise and network, he referred the girl to a nearby neurologist at the UAB Medical Center and was sure to help get her in within 3 days.



"Madison was diagnosed with a brain tumor the size of a grapefruit on the 15th of January and by the 17th of January she was having surgery to try and remove as much of the mass as possible. If Dr. Clasen wasn't as knowable and professional we would had never known how serious of an illness she had," Patient Coordinator, Lisa Bonds said. "My entire family is extremely grateful to Dr. Clasen for all the care he helped us receive for Madison in a very timely manner."

Regular eye exams are important, even if it seems as though nothing is wrong, but parents should be aware if a child is complaining of headaches or double vision, an eye exam may reveal the cause. 

Madison is now living a healthy, tumor-free life. Thank you to Dr. Clasen for being a dedicated member of the DentaQuest care delivery team, and providing quality and compassionate care to all patients. This story is a perfect example of how ordinary and routine care can have extraordinary outcomes, and is an essential part of preventive full-body health care. 

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Elaina with DentaQuest


Elaina with DentaQuest

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